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Book cover 'Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee'

"Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee"

New book published 26 October 2023, launched at The National Honey Show

Beautifully illustrated by Claire Murthy this book follows Izzie as she goes about collecting nectar and pollen throughout the year,

pollinating plants along the way, essential for our food crops.

Fun, with lots of information included.

ISBN: 978-1-907092-12-1

Available from our shop at £7.99 


"Inside a Beehive"

When a beekeeper checks their hives,there are normally so many bees covering the comb it is hard to see the what's going on. 
This book shows the fascinating structure of the hive, frame by frame, so you can see the queen, eggs, larvae and stores from

the comfort of your chair, with no danger of being stung.

ISBN: 978-1-907092-04-6

Available from our shop at £4.99 

Book cover 'Inside a Beehive'
Book cover 'Inside a Beehive'


"Pollen Microscopy"


Curiosity and interest in what his bees were bringing back to the hive led to Norman's great interest in pollen. Over the course of about 25 years, he collected pollen, noted the source flower, viewed the pollen through a microscope, and put his technical drawing skills to good effect making drawings of the many and varied individual pollen grains.


He and Val compiled over 100 of these pollen drawings for this book.  Between Norman, Val and numerous enthusiastic friends, they scoured the countryside to produce the colour photos of the source flowers displayed alongside the pollen drawings.

ISBN: 978-1-907092-11-4

Available from our shop at £29.00



"Alex and Friends"
A4 book to acompany the stories told on CD. Follow the story as told in your chosen language on CD, find and count all the items mentioned in the pictures, and see if you can spot the mouse hidden on each page.


Illustations by Holly Alp.



Book available by itself
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Book ISBN: 978-0-9541700-1-1





Your choice of CD, story translated and narrated by native speakers in









"Constructive Beekeeping"


Val's father was a keen beekeeper and with his practical, engineering and woodworking skills, designed and built the gadgets he needed for his beekeeping tasks. As he thought this was exactly the information he would have benefitted from when he was starting out,he was encouraged by his beekeeping colleagues to put themtogether in a book to share with others.

A4 sized book with over 100 illustrated projects.


Available from our shop at £19.99


ISBN: 978-0-9541700-0-9