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Discover our our books, centered around nature and beekeeping.

These are researched, written and published within our small company based in East Anglia, UK.

We'll introduce ourselves and share some of our background, how we got here, and also

some of the other services we offer and snippets we hope you'll find interesting and amusing.


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Who are we?

Val's varied background, including

scientific publishing and promotions

contributes lots of different fields of experience to these projects.

She has published several books in subjects she is interested in. 

Read more on our news pages.



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Our books

Browse our books around the subject of beekeeping. Our latest is a children's story following a honey bee across the seasons as she flies in search of nectar and pollen to feed her hive, and produce
honey for you and me.

Val also produced a suite of audio books in response to a need to brush up language skills.

How these came about is

described on our news pages.



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What next?

We hope you will take a look

and enjoy reading our

new children's book

"Izzie Lizzie Busy Bee"

published 26 October 2023.


Our next venture depends partly on your feedback - let us know what books you would like to see, and whether

you have projects

that we can help with?