'Alex and Friends' Audio CD books for language skills

Posted on 9th July, 2023

This is an engaging story, for children and adults alike, narrated by native speakers in their own language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian. The accompanying illustrated book (ordered separately) gives visual clues to the story.  Woven in is lots of useful vocabulary. It's a delightful and painless way to brush up, remind yourself and get into the mindset of the language before you arrive.


This all came about because Val spent a year between school and college in Florence, within a family, totally immersed in the language.  Later on, visiting Italy she really needed a reminder ......... and couldn't find language material that she could listen to when she had time, that is while driving.

The project was very much a team effort.  Val's requirements for the story were that it needed to be entertaining and useful. It needed to cover numbers up to 20, weather, animals, items of clothing, and flow easily so that listeners caught the rhythm of the chosen language. It also needed not to be boring when listened to repeatedly.

Holly Alp produced great illustrations, and readers very patiently recorded the story so that these are now available to purchase from us or from Amazon to improve your holiday experience when visiting friends, relatives and countries far away.


These are available to buy as either book (£4.99), CD (each £4.99), or as book+CD package (£8.99).  Visit our shop for the complete list.  If you are a teacher, there are also lots of accompanying activities - do contact us and ask.