New Books Autumn 2015

ValComing soon:

Reproduction of Steve's father's flying logbook from when Colin left school and joined the Indian Royal Air Force (RIAF) in 1945 to 1949.


He started in a Cornell, and later flew Tiger Moths, Harvards, Hurricanes, Spitfires and Dakotas.


ISBN 978-1-907092-09-1 Paperback 8.5in x 9in
190 pages. £21 + p&p.


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New 'Pollen Microscopy' book


NOW AVAILABLE (Autumn 2015) is a new book 'Pollen Microscopy' ISBN: 978-1-907092-10-7. Paperback. 8.25 inches square, 21cm x 21 cm 132 pages full colour. £21 + p&p.


Norman gives an introduction to preparing pollen for the microscope + 100 pages of his (UK) pollen drawings, with photos of the source plants.


You can buy it direct from us, or from Amazon.



Alex and Friends

This story adds magic into familiarising yourself or your children with another language.


Visit the Alex and Friends website to find out more ..........


Follow the story in pictures and by listening to the audiobook


Illustrated book plus audiobook in English


Picture book plus audio book in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German or Russian.


Amazon ***** review:

"Original listening skills material;particularly captivating are the detailed illustrations - a great aid to the audio cd. I used Alex and friends with students learning English as a second language. It has proved to be successful and the extra activities extremely useful as teaching aids. A worthwhile investment."


Bee Books

"Constructive Beekeeping" covers the much needed DIY of beekeeping.

Constructive Beekeeping book cover


"Inside a Beehive" takes a virtual peek inside a beehive without leaving your armchair or getting stung.


Book:  Inside a Beehive