Adventures in language learning

Ever feel like exploring mysterious castles and discovering their secrets?

Ever feel while you're there, you'd like to be able to understand what they are talking about?

Delve into our stories and indulge in a little magic and mystery. Along the way you can find out what caused that sudden crash in the night, what lies hidden behind that secret door, who built that strange monument, and join Alex in uncovering answers to those and many more mysteries.

By following and listening to the story in, say, French, you'll find you understand so much more of the language when you next go to France, and when meeting up with friends, relatives .... or having your own adventures.

Bored in lockdown? Bursting with anticipation to be able to travel again? Make the most of the opportunity to conquer the language before you go.

Studying for language exams? Studying in another country in another language? Brilliant opportunity to absorb the language as if it were your own. Complements traditional study.

Our storybook and audio CDs in each language (click on the CD image) are available separately from Amazon, or as a special offer bundle direct from us.