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CMI Publishing Ltd: Alex and Friends

Delightful story for absorbing the spoken word in a choice of English, French, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian. Follow the story in the delightfully illustrated accompanying picture book.


Alex and Friends Audiobook CD cover image

Audio book CDs

The story, translated by native speakers,
and read by native speakers
is available in English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish or Russian.
Each has an accompanying transcript booklet.
The picture book is ordered separately.

Alex and Friends Audiobook CD cover image

English Story CD: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-2-8
French Story CD: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-3-5   
Spanish Story CD: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-6-6  
  Italian Story CD: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-5-9
   German Story CD: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-7-3  
  Russian Story CD: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-4-2     


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Alex and Friends picture book cover

Picture Book

Follow the story through the pictures,
absorb words for colours, numbers up to 30,
animals, food, clothing, weather
while enjoying the story.
Beautifully illustrated by Holly Alp.


A4 size: ISBN: 978-1-9541700-1-1

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Alex Bedroom spot the difference activity


Taken from one of the illustrations
in the book, the bedroom
spot the difference is the most popular
of the many available activities
associated with this story.

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