Alex and Friends Illustrated Storybook and CD in French

Have Fun!!! Learn to understand and speak French through our engaging story. By repeatedly listening, you will absorb every day spoken French, learn to follow the spoken language, and to speak it fluently. This audiobook is an excellent way to learn and improve your understanding of the spoken language. The story is an entertaining way for children and adults alike to easily develop their skills in French conversation. Tracking the story through the illustrations helps consolidate the phrasing and useful vocabulary, and while listening, you can look for the little mouse hidden on each page.

You can listen while travelling in the car. train or aeroplane, while walking, gardening, at the gym or just relaxing in your faviourite place.

You will receive the A4 full colour picture book plus the audiobook CD. A written transcript of the story in your chosen language is also included.

Special lockdown price, to include postage and packing within the UK, £7.99.